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Journalistic and intentional photography for the modern couple who want to remember how they felt in the moment 20 years from now. 





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Part 1 – S + L | A Hindu-American Wedding at The Lageret in Stoughton, Wisconsin | Madison Wedding Photographer

  1. […] The afternoon was reserved for S + L’s American ceremony and took place at the exact same spot their Indian wedding did. Elevate Events and Jamae did such an amazing job flipping the space in a few short hours! They created a crisp, modern canopy that complimented the once tobacco warehouse venue perfectly. Both of S + L’s dogs were there as witnesses and the other small details that made their day complete were some of the very best! Even though I stepped into the scene and wedding plans late, I felt so welcomed from S + L – they are humble, kind, and down-to-Earth. Be sure to check out Part 2 of their wedding below and Part 1 here! […]

  2. id love to see more photos!

  3. Colleen Bies says:

    My favorite has got to be the little girl in the red dress! Her expression is the best!!! I love it.

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