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What Leading TuesdaysTogether Has Taught Me | #920tuesdays | A Personal Post

  1. Adam Shea says:

    Great post, Emily. I wholeheartedly echo your sentiments. It is absolutely amazing what happens when you leave your island of sole proprietorship and enter into a community. I like our little group. Like you said – it’s small and intimate. We all are getting to know each other a lot more. Even become friends (as with you, Mandy and Kyra). Thank you again for organizing the events. It has become something I look forward to each month.

  2. Colleen Bies says:

    You are so right on!! I loved this all. And yes, there are folks that don’t support community over competition and it’s sad, but it’s also okay. Because I love this group and I love RTS and I believe in the mission to support one another and am so thankful for it.

  3. Love this and so agree! Being a leader of the Augusta TuesdaysTogether has been so wonderful and taught me so much!

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