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Journalistic and intentional photography for the modern couple who want to remember how they felt in the moment 20 years from now. 





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Pay It Forward | Appleton Photographer

  1. Ann Fuge says:

    I know the wonderful angel that made this happen. Her family is going through a hard time but she reached within herself to give this special give to these young women. She did it “because she could”. Jo’s heart is overflowing with good things for others while she and her family struggle on a daily basis with a devastating illness. I think these young beauties will always remember this event and when least expected they will do the same.
    Truth be told- I know Jo enjoyed this project. Jo is a joy to know and I wish her many blessings.

  2. Tamie says:

    Jo , my family has a heart of gold. Doesn’t know the word NO!!! If their is anything she can do to help someone that really needs she well find the way. What she did for all the girls she helped this year while being care taker for her terminally ill husband. The last few years have been very difficult for the family , her husband Scott has ALS. She has done many other pay-it-forward for complete strangers. Paying for the person behind her in line stuff. She is always their to help no matter what she is going threw her self!!! If everyone just had a piece of her heart what an amazing world this would be…

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