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Love for Emily Megan


“Can’t say enough good things about Emily! From the start she was wonderful- she put up with my crazy questions when I was deciding on a photographer and did a cold, mid-winter engagement session without complaint. My husband and I were so happy with how our wedding pictures turned out..she captured every detail of our day perfectly! We could not be happier having Emily as our photographer!”
– Eric & Samantha, 2015





“During our engagement session, wedding, and the time in between, Emily not only acted in a professional manner but was your friend through it all! She was always prompt in answering any questions or concerns for you, our sneak peak blog was up within days, and she captures you two as you really are. No special effects, just raw emotion and love. Emily is different as she makes the effort to get to you know you two as individuals and as a couple. We could not be more happy with our choice to have Emily as our vendor.”
– Jeff & Katie, 2015



appleton-wedding-photography+“From our engagement session to our wedding, Emily was absolutely amazing. From the beautiful moments she captured, to her organization and amazing service, I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.”
– Greg & Chloe, 2015









“After our late September engagement, we quickly began planning a wedding to take place in only seven months. Selecting our photographer was the first step after choosing a venue because we knew having lasting memories captured in photographs was important to us. We really considered no other photographer simply because Emily’s photo style spoke for itself. Emily had extremely efficient response time and shared straightforward resources for pricing and package options. Having an engagement photo session with Emily was a great decision to not only capture the anticipation of that stage in our love, but also because as it turns out I was a little nervous for the photos. Within minutes of starting our session which took place outdoors in I believe single digit temperatures; Emily managed to set my nerves at ease without even knowing it. The session was completely effortless on our parts and even fun! It was a great way to get acquainted with Emily as a photographer before the wedding. Turn around time for photos was efficient especially considering all of the time spent to comb through detailed images to select those that best capture expressions, lighting, and details to tell the story of the couple. It was reassuring to see almost immediate feedback through sneak peaks on Facebook as well. The questions Emily asks the couple to try to plan for photos on the wedding day not only help her insure she captures photos most important to the couple, but it also helped us organize the last minute details and be better prepared. Our wedding day truly felt like a dream which was of course amazing but it also felt surreal like maybe it hadn’t happened. When we were able to look at our wedding photos for the first time and every time afterward, the dream becomes more real bringing us continued memories and joy of the day and our love. Right before becoming engaged, we had purchased our first home and had waited to hang a great deal of artwork in anticipation of wedding photos. After we carefully deliberated, we were finally able to order our wedding photos to be displayed as true artwork that also serves as constant reminders and memories so that we can relive these special moments by looking around our home. I often think about what it will be like to look back at these photographs for years to come. Without a doubt I couldn’t be more thrilled to have photos from Emily to document the beginning of our marriage that fill our home and allow us to always remember. They are more than photographs to my husband and I. They are reminders of the foundation to continue building our lives from. Emily’s dedication, time, energy, professionalism, and talent show that this is more than a career and these are more than photographs to her as well but rather it is her passion that shines through to capture true life and love.”
– Adam & Marissa, 2014


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