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Meet Emily Megan

Midwest Wedding Photographer | “Hopeful” Romatic
Margarita Lover | Lipstick Junkie

I am a 20 something dreamer and doer that loves margaritas and scoring the perfect shade of lipstick. If you don’t find me with camera in hand, there’s a good chance you’ll find me with a coffee mug instead. I’m a ‘hopeful’ romantic and nothing makes me tear up faster than two people in love or the father-of-the-bride seeing his daughter for the first time.

Early mornings, golden sunlight, loose organic florals, hand holding, and bold colors and textures are what inspire me.

My business and brand is so much more than the info you see on my website and the business cards I hand out. Its an extension of the love and warmth I hope you feel not just on your day, but every time you turn the pages of your wedding album.


Your pictures are more than pictures. They are moments in life you want remembered. Of people you love. And stories that will last a lifetime. Investing in quality portraiture is an important decision and a great way to share the past with the future. If you appreciate the little things, want to remember the details, and know the quality of modern mixed with a bit of classic photography – we are going to be great friends!